Startups in Columbia

You will find yourself thinking about places like Los Angeles and Colombia when you think of a topic on startup hubs. In some countries like Columbia, entrepreneurs are beginning to show off their power. Efforts to create a conducive atmosphere for startups in the area by that group of entrepreneurs are being successful. An area that is also open to innovation in Columbia is the market for fitness and exercise. Some parts of Colombia have been put with fitness centers by several fast starters.

The convenience of this has been raised by an app called FitPal. Many classes of gyms will be accessed by those who will be using FitPal app. The FitPal app allows people to access many essential events that are associated with dance and boxing as well. Choosing the kind of exercise, time of the day and preferred city is the only work that will have to be done by the users of this app. The rest of the work is done by FitPal app. Even though those people who come from the area that the app was created are the ones who benefit more, even others benefit also.

There is an open the door to get more people in the gym even if the membership at the fitness centers is low for now. Those who choose for membership in those gym centers can do activities of their choice. To be able to access the services that the app-based enterprise provides, many to have smartphones. In Columba, a lot of people do not have smartphones. The high import taxes and higher production costs are the ones that cause these people not to have smartphones.

These factors that make many Columbians not to possess smartphones may open doors to other opportunities. For example, the Celucambio’s online marketplace for used smartphones could over exceed the current market for new smartphones. Old phones will be traded in through this which will enable people to increase their finance. This will result to an increase in growth for startups like Celucambio. Columbia is not the first place that people think of when they are choosing a competitive and a growing startup community. Even though it is not the best place, it would be worth to look at the current happenings where innovation is needed.

Today, the country is establishing itself as one of the places that need fresh creativity, profitability and potential for internationals. In this country, companies that have been established are many which show that the country is developing. These companies that have been established in Columbia are the ones that represent the current startup environment. These companies that are in Colombia are the ones that show there is economic growth.

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